Sustainable Food Platform

Sustainable Food Platform

by doruks
If Not Today, When?

World population growth and rapid industrialization are important pressures on our planet’s resources. In 2050, food production needs to be increased by 60% to ensure that the population that is floating in cities can be adequately fed. As a result of threats and needs such as sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, water, food, resource management, food security, food access and food habits in Turkey, Sustainable Food Platform (SFP) Declaration has been published.

Sustainable Food Platform works to develop a comprehensive development model with a holistic approach to sustainable food issues and the “Sustainable Food for a Better Future” principle for the rapidly industrializing and globalizing food industry, by the guidance of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Turkey’s Tenth Five-Year Development Plan.

We invite you to share this responsibility as a member of the Sustainable Food Platform.

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